Fresh Truffles

An introduction to the world of the Truffle by Or des Valois, your truffle specialists in Burgundy​

The different truffle varieties

Throughout the year, l'Or des Valois offers seasonal fresh truffles for sale in their two boutiques as well as online 


Truffle Hunting

Discover how the truffle is found and unearthed during through our Truffle Hunting demonstration at la Maison aux Mille Truffes, offered all-year round


Which dogs can find a fresh truffle?

The answer may surprise you...


How to choose the right fresh truffle?

L'Or des Valois, the truffle experts in Burgundy, guide you through the process


Conserving your truffles​

Enjoy the Burgundy Truffle throughout the year thanks to our unique to our special methods to conserve and capture the flavours